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Internet for rural communities

Connecting rural and remote communities to the digital world
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Imagine what is possible in your community

What happens when everyone in your community has access to the Internet, no matter where they live? Schools, community centers, homes, farms, and work camps. All connected.

Now, imagine that this technology is easily deployed, affordable, and locally owned.

Community-owned Internet solutions built for rural and remote communities

At First Broadband, we design our Internet solutions from the ground up to provide fixed wireless connectivity for rural areas with widely-spread populations. We deliver systems based upon industry-standard communications protocols specifically intended for reliable point-to-multipoint data connectivity.

Our technology is capable of efficiently covering wide areas and maintain maximum downstream data rates to all users within a typical coverage radius of thirty-five kilometres and often further. Our systems operate in the UHF frequency spectrum providing more reliable coverage in challenging terrain where other wireless technologies often fail.

We are also more than an equipment vendor. We have been delivering Internet to rural communities in Canada since 2007 and have invested significantly to realize our vision to bridge the digital divide in areas where the large carriers often do not operate.

We also believe in the power of locally-owned networks to foster community sustainability. Our systems and our deployment projects are designed to enable local ownership and to encourage owners operating the systems thereby creating new jobs and exportable skillsets within the community.

Our mission

  • Encourage community and cultural sustainability by connecting rural and remote communities
  • Deliver proven wireless internet technology tested in our own internet service provider business
  • Build a community of customers, strategic partners, and technology vendors who share our vision

We're looking for partners who share our vision

Do you believe in the power of connecting isolated and underserved communities to the digital world? We would love to hear from you.

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Impact of Connected Communities

Physical & Mental Health

Access to healthcare information and services improves physical and mental well-being.

Social Health

Expanded social connections leads to new experiences and learning opportunities.


Access to skills training, and basic and higher education builds better futures

Financial Health

Mobile banking and access to global markets improves financial independance.

Government Services

Access to employment programs, insurance benefits, and other government services leads to stable families.


Bridging the digital divide gives rural and remote communities hope for a better future.